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“Dance World is amazing! My daughter, Dena, danced there when she was 3 years old and my granddaughter, Jocelyn, is now a dancer there and absolutely loves it. This will be her 5th year and she looks forward to the days she has class. Mrs. Sheryl runs an excellent business and always has the best and most friendly staff. What I love the most about Dance World is that Mrs. Sheryl and her staff make dancing fun for the students and you can see the enjoyment on all the girls faces. My whole family and I look forward to the end of the year recital and can see the progress the girls have made; it always turns out to be an amazing show.”  
--Diana Sanchez (mother of Dena and grandmother of Jocelyn)

“Dance World Studios made a positive impact on my daughter's life for over 10 plus years. She absolutely loved her Dance World family. She learned jazz, lyrical, hip hop, tap, and ballet there. With her training of dance at Dance World, she went on to be captain of La Porte High School Chatos. Then in college, she made the Kilgore College Rangerette dance team, where she was left-end lieutenant. Thanks Sheryl and staff!"
--Lori Barbay (mother of Noelie)

"We called Dance World our 'dance home' for almost 20 years with Caitlin and Caroline.  Sheryl and staff provided a quality dance education where students truly learned not only dances but also the technical dance vocabulary as well.    Sheryl's integrity for growing 'young ladies' gave parents the peace of mind in knowing that our children would be regarded with respect and a strong moral code.  Our oldest, Caitlin, took the dance knowledge learned and participated as a LPHS Chato dance team member while in high school.  
Our youngest, Caroline, danced for Sheryl for 15 years.   As Caroline's passion for dance continues (now a student at Texas A & M), she has joined their Dance Arts Society team.  If time allows, I have no doubt she will attempt to be a part of the annual Dance World recital.  I have seen many dance recitals and I would have to say that Sheryl puts on one of the very best shows with her staff.  They are always entertaining with beautiful backdrops and well over 40 routines to watch.  The audience definitely gets their money's worth for Dance World recitals! Keep up the great work, Dance World!"
--Tracie Chandler (mother of Caitlin and Caroline)

“Because of my background in dance, I was taught how to be graceful, accountable, and disciplined. Dance World was my second home for over 15 years and the environment held the same amount of love, support, and teachings as my own home. My mother and I thank Dance World and their staff for giving me the opportunity to experience such a supportive atmosphere filled with the Lord’s love and wisdom.
We personally recommend Dance World for anyone that is looking for organization and efficiency. Technique and detail is a primary focus at Dance World, and it is taught from the first day of class up through performances. The poise that I carry with me to the stage is the same poise that I hold myself to off-stage. I will never forget what I was taught because it was demonstrated with patience and love. Mrs. Sheryl planted her passion for others in me and this passion is what has lead me to become the young woman I am today.”
--Lyndzie (and Susie) West

“After such a great 10 year experience with our oldest daughter, we decided to put our youngest at Dance World as well. Besides building relationships with the dancers and focusing on technique, they reinforce character. The students are encouraged to be community and service focused, dancing at the local nursing homes, the high school and other local events. There is so much I could say about Sheryl and her staff - we have been at the studio for almost 17 years between the two girls. I highly recommend Dance World for anyone looking for a place that isn't just's family, friends, community and performance.”  
--Lonna Green (mother of Hailey and Hannah)

“The time Courtney was with Dance World was a wonderful experience for her and we will certainly look back on those years very fondly & treasure the great memories.  Thank you so much.”  
​--Rhonda Litton-Holbrook (mother of Courtney)

“Dance has been an important part of my girls' life. Not only have they learned dance, but dance has taught them how to express themselves with grace and beauty. Dance World is a place where students develop confidence and self-esteem.” 
--Bekki Bishop (mother of Allie Faith and GraceAnn)

“Shelby was at Dance World for 11 years from the time she was four to the time she was 15. She learned her love of dance there and dance itself taught her so much control over her body. It was one of the proudest moments of my life when a Sunday school teacher asked if she took ballet because she was so graceful. We were there a long time and Dance World became a kind of family to us. She made lifelong friends and so did I. I highly recommend it! “
--Barbara Lipschuetz (mother of Shelby)

“Having a studio like "Dance World" in our neighborhood was so convenient and a great opportunity for my daughter Emily to experience her first organized activity as a 3 1/2 year old!  It was a fun place for her to learn about dance, learn about discipline and meet new friends. I was always so impressed with how well Sheryl kept "Dance World" so organized and her patience with all the little ones, even on recital costume fitting days!  Emily didn’t stick with dance, she had a more athletic drive, but we sure have some cute and funny videos of the 1986 recital that are priceless! So much fun to watch.  Great memories and great experience!”
--Janet Chadick (mother of Emily)

“Wendy began lessons at Dance World in 1978 and danced in five recitals.  Dance World made dancing fun and began her lifelong love of dancing.”
--Betty Wright (mother of Wendy)